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Why Hire A Plumber?

the question simply is - why hire a plumber? Picture a normal day. You have just come home from work, the kids are running around the house and you sit down for dinner. Then all of a sudden there is a burst pipe in the upstairs bathroom. Water is gushing out at a ferocious rate. What do you do? Do you have time to?:

1) Call a friend who knows a bit about plumbing.
2) Go on the internet and try and watch a YouTube video about what to do about a burst water pipe.
3) Roll up your sleeves and attempt to fix the problem yourself.

If you have chosen any of the three above options it is not as effective of simply hiring a plumber to deal with it. You save time and it is less stressful. You can be confident that a fully qualified plumber can visit you and take charge of dealing with that particular plumbing emergency. There is no panic in a true professional. They are experienced at dealing with situations like these, every day. They can get to the root of the problem very quickly. If you haven't done so already, they will turn off your main water supply.

QUICK PLUMBING TIP - If you do experience a burst pipe, it is always recommended that you should turn off your main stopcock. If you do not know where it is then a good plumber will take time to show you. It can be usually found in the kitchen, underneath the sink unit. Other properties may have it located in a different location like in a hall, or actually next to the sink unit itself.

Plumbing Experts Are Trained

A plumber is specifically qualified to carry out a number of plumbing tasks. They have trained for it over a number of years and have gained lots of hands on experience. An expert London plumber will have attended various different jobs and have been faced by many different challenges? Where you feel that you are good at DIY and can easily fix a broken toilet or men an irritating leaky pipe. However there are so many things to consider. You have to be able to understand all the dynamics of a plumbing system or appliance. You may be unaware that the existing part you replaced is simply no good. Or you may need to adopt a completely different technique. The thing is, without experience you can't see the full picture. You can only just about a see a very narrow short-term solution. You may not know the first thing about changing a tap. So it is just easier to let somebody who is qualified to do that simpler task, to just take over.

To give you peace mind if you are looking to hire a plumber, then certain organisations do vet them. Plumbers have to be first vetted by an official industry standard organisation. Companies like CIPHE and APHC and organisations that are officially recognised. Tasks Ike installing new water tanks, new pipe work, kitchen and bathroom suites, need to be handled by a professional plumber. How can you determine low water pressure in your house? Are you trained to do that. Can you fix a frozen water pipe? There may be tasks they replacing a tap that you feel you can easily do. Some tasks are just to complex for an amateur to attempt. You will need a plumber carry out the following plumbing tasks:

- Repairing / replacing burst pipes / frozen pipes
- Installing (fitting) new water tanks, toilets, basins, showers, baths and kitchen & bathroom suites
- Washing machine installations / Dishwasher installations (and repairs)
- Unblocking badly drains / fitting new pipe work / fitting sink macerators (sink waste)
- Fixing leaky taps / constantly dripping taps

  • Facing A Plumbing Emergency?

    Do You Have An Emergency Plumbing Situation?

    We have probably all been there. One minute everything is fine, then the next, there is a powerful gush of water from a burst pipe. The continuous flow of water gets you all into a panic. You are not sure what to do. How you do stop the flow of water? Then you start thinking about water damage to your property. So many questions and nightmare scenarios are swirling around your mind. Don't panic. Call Trustworth on 07951538977 if you need a fast response. Then you will understand - why hire a plumber?

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  • Technical Plumbing Ability / Skills

    Plumbing For Your Bathroom

    Plumbing techniques are constantly advancing due to the rapid growth of technology and industry. If you hire a plumber you are getting an expert who is up to date with the latest technologies in plumbing. They have the best tools, understand all the safety requirements and have experience. Their t technical knowledge is simply superior to yours in this field. They can actually save you money and time in the long run. By doing a good job; one that has longevity; there is no need to be repeating the same job within the year. Trustworth Plumbing have a loyal set of customers who always refer our services to friends and family. They tell them why they should hire our plumbers.

  • Fixed Cost Plumbing

    Fixed Cost Plumbing

    Cowboy plumbers have a main focus and that is to make money. Some just give honest plumbers a really bad name. However that should not stop you from hiring a professional. You simply have to be smart and do your research about a company, before you use them.

    Our pricing system is fair and transparent. We charge £75 per hour for all standard plumbing work in the South-East and South-West London region.

    We charge a slightly higher rate if we were to travel to Central London. So hire a plumber today in you area by calling 020 8670 4443.

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