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Installations (Gas, Plumbing & Heating)

When it comes to plumbing and heating installations, Trustworth is simply the best in the business. Our fully qualified plumbers and heating engineers are experts at installing a range of appliances and fittings. When it comes to installing gas cookers, our gas safe engineers do so in a very professional, safe way. Whether we are installing a new bathroom basin, set of taps, toilet or bath; our work is flawless. We can also install the latest heating controls. From new wireless thermostats that can be easily operated from your smart phone. Our gas/plumbing/heating installations include:



We provide boiler installations in the following area - Balham - Dulwich - Earlsfield - Brixton - Streatham - Clapham - Wandsworth - Sydenham - Roehampton - Battersea - Crystal Palace

Any gas installation has to be carried out by somebody fully qualified to do the work. Safety is important. Watch this short video by the Gas Safe Register to why keeping safe is essential.


  • Dishwasher / Washing Machines

    Dishwasher / Washing Machine Installations

    Call our installations team today if you need a dishwasher or washing machines installing. We always check the appliance first and conduct a series of safety/quality checks on relevant pipework and connections. We'll connect your washing machine to the correct main water supply. Our engineers always run a fully working test to show you that everything is running perfectly fine.

  • Installing Bathroom/Kitchen Taps

    Bath / Kitchen Taps Installed

    Do you need a new tap to be installed in your bathroom basin or bath? Does your luxury kitchen sink need custom designed taps to be expertly fitted?, Well we do so with precision and make sure everything is properly fitted. While we are there we can check all the relevant pipework. Sometimes there could be an underlying problem you are not aware of So choose our plumbing installations team to fit the taps you want.

  • Basins & Sinks Installations

    Plimbers Fitting Kitchen SInks

    You may need a whole kitchen sink fitted in your new luxury suite. Our plumbers are the best in London and are vastly experienced in doing so. Your sink will be secure and ready to use after we have finished. We use the most dependable and durable materials to ensure its longevity. When it comes to bathroom basins we can fit them in all your bathrooms. Maybe you need a sink installed in your bedroom? Our sink and basin installations team can do so very easily.

  • Baths &Toilet Installations

    Plumbers Fitting Baths & Toilets

    Whatever the layout of your house or apartment, we can fit a new toilet or bath. We can install a luxurious Victorian style bath or a standard one. Our plumbing team can install it professionally. All the pipework and fittings are expertly checked then double checked. Preventing any possibility of a future leak is one of our main aims. We can also add luxury taps to it. Our emergency call out team also deals with leaks and blockages. So call us anytime you have a plumbing problem or emergency.

  • Installing Gas Cookers & Boilers

    Gas Cooker & Boiler Installations

    Always get your gas cooker or boiler installed by a fully qualified engineer. Make sure that they are on the Gas Safety Register. You should do this before you hire them. You can check our credentials before calling us, the very same way. When it comes to installing new gas cookers or boilers it is always 'safety first'. We do many vital safety checks before, during and after you cooker or boiler is professionally installed. We also recommend our aftercare package, so we can come back and check that they are in good condition.

  • Installing Heating Controls

     Heating Controls Fitted

    Trustworth can install all types of heating controls. Being able to control your heating and hot water in your home is vital. Get it wrong and you will be wasting money or freezing cold if they are not functioning correctly. Our team can fit heat timers so you can control when your central heating comes on or off. Room, wireless and smart thermostats are always fitted with real precision. Take advantage of the latest technologies for installations when it comes to thermostats. It could be easier for your home to have wireless ones.

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