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Dishwasher Installations

Trustworth Plumbing is a very experienced company, who carry out expert dishwasher installations. We make sure that all the relevant checks are expertly done, before we install your appliance. Many people try to install a dishwasher themselves and make critical errors. So they waste time and ultimately money, as they have to call on us to correct their mistakes. Why go to the trouble of trying to research and attempt to do, what our experts do so easily? You can simply put your feet up and have a cup of tea, while our engineers get to work. We can can take away your existing appliance and recycle it safely. Our aim is to do a very precise job without any mess. We can successfully install all types of dishwashers. Our aim is to make sure every aspect of the installation process meets the highest of plumbing standards. Our engineers are hard-working, never cut corners and always finish the job in good time.

Dishwasher Installation Service From £75

Why Choose Trustworth Plumbing?

When it comes to any type of kitchen plumbing we are true specialists. We live and breathe this job and understand what it takes to be the best. Reputation is everything and without constantly maintaining our great name within the business, we simply would not get any repeat or new customers. We provide helpful advice on how best to maintain this kitchen appliance. We never leave a job without going through all the vital after care information with you. Trustworth Plumbing are always happy to answer any questions homeowners may have about the work completed. We:

- Provide professional dishwasher installations at very competitive prices
- Carry out all the relevant checks to ensure your new appliance is in perfect condition
- Advice you on how you can recycle your old one in an environmentally friendly way

How To Install A Dishwasher - Simple Guide

It is important for you to understand that are so many important checks to out, before the installation starts. Without these checks, you will certainly run into problems. Our simple guide is next. Have a read: -

a) We carry out a thorough check to make sure your all the relevant plumbing and electrical connections are 100% safe. A 13 ampere socket is industry recommended. We also check for compatibility; this is vital so your appliance can be successfully connected. It is helpful if you can book an electrician to carry out maintenance, before we arrive. They can make sure that your kitchen environment is in perfect condition for you to install a dishwasher in.

b) We will safely switch off your current appliance (if you have one). All current connections to it will be disconnected with precision.

c) Your new dishwasher is then thoroughly inspected to confirm that it is in perfect condition. Our engineers can clearly see if it has acquired any damage before arriving at your home. If there has been damage done to it, we will not connect it. Always safety first, for all our customers.

d) We determine which is the best mains water supply to use for this job. Remember our plumbers are technically very skilled. They have great understanding of mathematics, algebra and geometry. Most of the newest dishwashers can operate successfully with just a cold water supply. We will connect it to an electrical socket (hopefully it has a light so you can see when it is on or off).

e) Our expert dishwasher installations team will now focus on testing for any apparent leaks. If that test is successfully passed then they can progress onto carrying out all the vital waste connection requirements. All relevant pipework will be thoroughly checked by us, prior to this step in the process.

f) Our plumbers will then make sure that your dishwasher is sturdy, there are no hazards and that there is good access to it.

g) Finally it is time to switch on your dishwasher and make sure it is fully operational. Our engineers will then give you valuable after care tips on how to best take care of your kitchen appliance. At this time we are happy to answer any final questions you may have.

Our Services / Prices

Do We Take Your Old Dishwasher Away?

No, unfortunately we do not offer this service. We can advise you on how to safely dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way. Visit the Electrical Safety First website for more information. It is vital that you dispose of an appliance in your home in a safe way and in accordance with the law.

How Much Does Our Installation Service Cost?

For a standard installation it costs just £75 per hour. The more extensive and technically demanding the job, the longer it will take. Therefore the it is priced accordingly. We strongly recommend that if you need our installation service in the early part of 2017, that you contact us now. That is a very busy period and our team are in very high demand. Our price promise means that if you book now that you will pay the same price.

Do We Provide Freestanding and Built In Dishwashers?

Yes, Trustworth Plumbing provide both. Freestanding ones give you much more freedom. You can take it with you if you ever move into a new property. We precisely fit built in ones and ensure it is fully working. Our engineers work in a very precise way. They are there to run full tests to make sure that you are happy the job has been completed to your satisfaction.

Can We Install All Brands Of Dishwashers?

Yes we can install any brand of dishwasher currently on the market. Just to mention a few, we can install:

Bosch, Indesit, Miele, Fisher & Paykel, Beko, Hotpoint, Kenwood etc. From double dishwashers to freestanding or fully integrated - Trustworth Plumbing provide professional installations.

The key aspects of the process of installing a dishwasher is as follows:

Part 1) Preparing the installation (Turning off water/testing the water - turning off the power/testing the power.)
Part 2) Disconnecting & removing the dishwasher (Safely removing all screws/safely removing the dishwasher cover. Make sure all wires are safely covered/locating the water supply. Disconnecting the water supply/removing the hose. Making sure mess is prevented/having materials to clean up mess.)
Part 3) Installation of the dishwasher (Carefully positioning the new dishwasher on its back/connecting a hose with a device called a compression clamp. Safely attaching the the dishwasher 90 which is part of the connector kit/Safely positioning the dishwasher as you you reposition the drain hose. Safely connecting water line to dishwasher 90. Making sure all electric cables are safely positioned. Safely connecting wires to its corresponding colour. Connecting the new drain hose safely.)
Part) Completion and testing (Open hot water valve to fill water line/inspect for any leakage. Test every connection and adjust dishwasher height to optimum level. Safely attach the dishwasher to counter top, making sure every screw is secure. Test the dishwasher by turning it on.

What are the best buys for dishwashers this Christmas 2017? Well, Which? online has a brilliant guide that provides reviews on they what see as great deals for dishwashers under £400. They have reviewed:

1) Beko DFN28R22W
2) Bosch SMS25EI00G/01
3) Hotpoint HBC 2B19 UK
4) Indesit DISR 57M96 Z UK

If you want a dishwasher installed by one of our engineers, then contact us on  020 8670 4443. We are available to speak to from 8am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. You can also use are online contact form to book an appointment. Our team are happy to answer any questions that you may have about our dishwasher installations service in London. You can be confident that we always do a very precise and fault free job. Our dishwasher installation service covers the following London areas: Streatham, Balham, Brixton, Clapham, Wandsworth, Tooting Bec, Tooting Broadway, Kennington, Tulse Hill, Norbury, Earlsfield, Putney, Raynes Park, New Malden, Chelsea, Fulham and Richmond

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