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Leaky Taps

Leaky taps are certainly irritating, but they do represent an underlying problem. Our plumbers can easily fix them and make sure that underlying problem has effectively been resolved. They often leak because there is an issue with the tap washer (possibly tighten too much). It is not uncommon as well to happen due to the valve setting being damaged. It could be a single or mixer tap; we have the skills to get the job done properly. Whether it the taps on your bathroom or kitchen, our plumbers know exactly what they are doing. It doesn't matter if they are in the basin or sink - we fix the fault with precision. Many people ignore or make do with their leaking / dripping taps. Over time the repair could be more costly if they are not fixed. Also water is being unnecessarily wasted, drip by drip.

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How To Fix A Leaky Tap?

1)Turn Off The Water Supply

One thing that more homeowners should do is learn where their main stop cock is. In an water leakage emergency, just knowing where the stop cock is, could prevent major water damage. If you can not find it, then turn your attention to the isolation valve. This is usually located in piping underneath your sink. After you water supply has been turn off, turn your tap back on. This is so any remaining water at the top of the pipe can escape.

2) Tap Head Removal

It is starting to get more challenging now. Depending on what tap you have, there usually is a screw inside the handle. Make sure you have some tools handy, as if you can't unscrew the cap, you will need a spanner (adjustable). Monobloc single or duel lever taps have a gap under the hot / cold symbol.

3) Put The Plug In (Before You Take Out The Screw)

This bit can get a bit messy. First, you need to put the plug in the sink, before you take out the screw. There are so many times people have removed the screw and forget to put the plug in first. Don't fall victim to that. Plug first, unscrew second. Now it is time to remove the tap head, as well as any metal components surrounding the tap neck. You will now see a valve sticking out.

4) Multi Tasking With Spanners

The next bit is the trickiest. You have to unscrew the spindle, but make sure you do it in a way that prevents you bending or twisting the pipes beneath. So you need to call on help from your spanner (adjustable). Use te spanner to lock the central hexagonal nut firmly in place. Now you should unscrew the spindle BUT while at the same time supporting the spout of the tap. Now with the spindle out it is time to put in new washers. You will have to do research on what re the best ones. It could also be helpful to replace two of them.

5) Fit The New Washers

You may have chosen to get two new washers. It is quite straight forward to fit. Once they are in place it is time to put your tap back together. Hopefully you have not misplaced any of the pieces. Then remember the most last important part. turn your water supply back on.

Trustworth Plumbing can fix any leaky tap problems you are having. It is best left to us (the professionals) to handle a job like this. It takes the stress away from attempting something you have never tried before. You could end up causing damage if you are unsure of certain repair tasks. We are hard-working, efficient and transparent. When we quote you a price - that is the price it will be. No hidden costs. Call us on 020 8670 4443 or 07951538977 (if it is an emergency).


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