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Are you a landlord who needs a gas safety certificate in Dulwich (SE21). Give us a call today on 020 8670 4443 / 07951538977 (out of hours) to arrange an appointment. Are you a landlord who owns various properties in the area? If you were not already aware, as a landlord you have many legal requirements / obligations, that you must closely follow. The 1988 Gas Safety (Installations and Use) Regulations Act was importantly put in place for gas safety. As a landlord in Dulwich you must get a Gas Safety Certificate every 12 months. It is against the law to hire somebody who isn't a fully qualified gas safe engineer. Our team are among the most dedicated engineers in South-East London. Check our credentials on the gas safe register. Our registered number is 301783. Trustworth always prioritizes safety and are very experienced at carrying out these tests. We do thorough checks / servicing, on all required flues, gas appliances and pipework, at properties which you own. Various landlords use agents to manage their properties. Before you fall foul of the law, make sure that you know who is fully responsible for gas safety checks, on those properties. The best way for landlords to protect themselves, is to get a water-tight contractual agreement in place. Make sure you have a legal document that clearly states who is responsible for these checks. All landlords owe it to their tenants to guarantee everything involving gas, has been professionally looked at. That means all appliances have been thoroughly checked by a professional. There are a few local companies that offer Gas Safety Certificates in Dulwich. We have the exemplary safety record, vast experience and expert knowledge. This ingrains trust in all our customers. Every single test and check is calmly carried out with complete precision. Our engineers understand there is no room for uncertainty or silly errors. Gas isn't something that you can take risks or chances with.

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There is important documentation that landlords have to legally present to their tenants. One such document is a copy of the gas safety inspection. The document will have important details, like the date of the inspection and who carried it out. A tenant must make sure they check it. Landlords must keep a copy for two years. They must also present a copy to a new tenant, within 28 days of the actual gas safety inspection. Our specialist heating company has an experienced and reliable team, that do the most rigorous checks. Where there is any doubt, we recheck, for accuracy. If you fail the check, you have failed for a specific reason. A gas safety certificate is only issued if all your flues, gas appliances and pipework, pass all set tests. Each check is accurately done under the best safety conditions. The safety of your tenants is on the line. That is something you have to always remember. Dulwich is an area with many property types (four bedroom detached houses etc). Are you a local housing association that is looking for expert gas engineers to carry out all required checks?

  • Gas Safety Certificate, SE21

    Property Management

    If you are a landlord in SE21, it is vital you understand the real importance of gas safety checks. There are various expert checks and tasks that need to be done by a fully qualified engineer. If these are then failed then you can not be issued a gas safety certificate. Important aspects that are expertly checked are appliances, like your boilers. They will be expertly put through a number of tests. The burner pressure and gas rate will go through rigorous checks. They are exactly compared to the relevant manufacturers data plate. Flue flow is thoroughly examined. When it comes to your appliances, checking for the correct level of ventilation is vital. We do not just hand out gas safety certificates. We take the law very seriously.

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    Boiler Breakdown Engineers

    Trustworth Plumbing are true professionals who always puts safety first. One person will carry out a check differently to another person. Our consistency is genuine, just read our reviews. With experience comes the additional appreciation of the art of double checking. We remove doubt by making sure readings that look weird, are tested and retested - That is how our local team always approach everything. We have been issuing gas safety certificates in Dulwich for many years. Landlords trust our professionalism, but most importantly, our expert judgment.

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  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

    Carbon Monoxide Requirements

    Carbon monoxide is a lethal killer. Silent and deadly, it claims up to fifty lives, each year. The NHS says it treats around 200 people a year, affected by carbon monoxide poisoning. Landlords are now legally required to fit a carbon monoxide detector in all rooms that have a solid fuel source. October 1st 2015, saw that legal requirement passed, for all landlords to follow. This will save many lives. For anybody who fails to do that, they face a fine of up to £5000. 

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    Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Information

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