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Landlord Gas Safety Checks

It is a legal requirement (Gas Safety ( Installations and Use) Regulations 1998) for landlords to get a Gas Safety Certificates every 12 months. They have to hire a gas safe engineer. These engineers are on the Gas Safe Register. They are the only people who are legally certified to carry out checks on gas appliances, flues and pipe work. It is important to say that if you do not get somebody who is gas safe qualified, you are putting the lives of your tenants at risk. It is also illegal to do so. So take responsibility and make sure you get the relevant checks completed every 12 months.

While the legal requirement gives the time-frame that you have to carry out checks, it is generally advised to do them just before new tenants move in. Surely having peace of mind that your tenant is moving into a property where all gas safety requirements are professionally met, is a top priority for you. It is always best to check everything to make sure there are no problems.

Choosing A Gas Safe Engineer

You will want to aim to choose a reputable London company who is completely experienced at providing gas safety checks. The best way to choose a company is to look on the best engineer / trade websites for reviews submitted by customers. Do your research and make sure that the company you choose has a long list of happy customers who recommend them. That way you can really be confident that you are dealing with a company that takes its job very seriously. Also safety is top of the agenda. Which is essential. There have been too many reports of gas engineers who have done work that falls well below the expected standards.

Trustworth Plumbing understand the true importance of carrying out all the relevant checks and following a strict criteria. We never cut any corners and our sole goal is to make sure that every aspect of gas in your property meets all the safety standards. There is no room for failure, if you want to pass.

Gas Safety Checks In London

What Does A Gas Safety Check Involve?

- A gas tightness check will be expertly carried out on all gas appliances in the property. This checks the gas pressure in the pipes (checked with a gauge) to make sure there are no gas leaks.

- A flue flow test is essential to check for flue performance. The resultant products of combustion have to be shown to be removed efficiently.

- For certain gas appliances it has a manufacturers plate. Your engineer will perform a through check of the gas rate and burner pressure against what is on that plate.

- Irregularities in the safe usage of gas appliances will be noted and have to be reported.

- A check to make sure there is the correct level of ventilation where required is essential.

Boilers go through rigorous checks to make sure they are in excellent working condition. It is a bit like an MOT, where if you do not pass then your boiler can't legally be in operation.

Costs / Price

Trustworth Plumbing are very straight forward. We price our work at £75 per hour. We always confirm prices before we start any work. That way you are clear about all costs. So there are no hidden charges. We are transparent when it comes to costs.

If you would like one of our gas safe engineers to carry out a gas safety check at your London property, then phone Trustworth Plumbing on 020 8670 4443.

- New Home Buyer Gas Certificates - Our dedicated service for new home buyers/prospective purchasers makes sure that all UK landlords make gas safety checks a priority before they purchase a new property. We cover: Crystal Palace - Croydon

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