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Boilers In Cold Weather

UPDATE - Frozen condensate pipes - March 2018 is seeing some very cold weather here in the UK. Call us if you experience any problems with your boiler

UPDATE - December 2017 has brought about bitterly cold weather and snow. As much as some people welcome snow and a possible 'White Christmas' - the cold weather can wreak havoc with some boilers. Do boilers in cold weather suffer major problems? Back in the day where condensing boilers' were said to herald a new era in home central heating technology, it did hit a few snags. Saving on energy bills is a big factor for households and new style boilers were brought in to do just that. Also, it was a way for the government to help reduce the carbon footprint of everybody in the UK. However, one thing that probably wasn't factored into new age of home heating was - the cold weather. Many boilers were suddenly suffering a breakdown without warning. So much for an advancement in technology ( over 10 years ago) it did encounter some initial difficulties. It was reported that in one year that Yorkshire recorded around 60,000 call outs regarding this.

Condensing boilers were putting homeowners, tenants and landlords through stressful times. On a cold winter's morning, the last thing you want is a an issue with your central heating. Just imagine parents trying to get kids ready for school and themselves ready for work, with no hot water. Many people saw trying to meet targets for CO2 emission backfiring because the new condensing boilers broke down more frequently - due to cold weather. It has been said that incorrect installations played a huge part in the boiler breakdowns. Condensing boilers convert hot gases into into water via a component called a 'heat exchanger'. 20% of heat energy is reclaimed. Water is transported from the home/property/building by a condensation pipe (plastic) and that is what is prone to becoming frozen.

So the real debate is still simmering under the surface. Should households with old style boilers that are fully functioning need to upgrade their boiler to the newest ones on the market? Is this based on safety. Is this based on energy efficiency. Trustworth Plumbing believe that safety must always come first. Being responsible to the environment is a very important matter; one that should never be overlooked or downplayed. Some feel that they were sold new boilers on the premise that it would cut their energy bills and save them lots of money. However, when you look at the mathematics regarding savings; the question is - how much money are you really saving? Also over what time period does that new boiler save you money? Is it more money, more problems? Is it less savings, more problems?

Trustworth Plumbing provides boiler repairs in the following London areas:

South-East London: West Norwood - Dulwich - Sydenham - Herne Hill - Crystal Palace - Denmark Hill - Crofton Park - Surrey Quays - Camberwell - Greenwich - Grove Park - Catford - Brockley - Blackheath - Forest Hill - Gipsy Hill - Tulse Hill - Thamesmead - Peckham - Abbey Wood - Eltham - Charlton - Bermondsey - Rotherhithe - Hither Green - Walworth - Maze Hill - Nunhead - Penge - Bexley - Anerley - Plumstead - Deptford - Woolwich - New Cross - Docklands
South-West London - Battersea - Pimlico - Streatham - Norbury - Tooting - New Malden - Brixton - Richmond - Southfields - Kennington - Thornton Heath - Balham - Putney - Roehampton
Central London - Mayfair

We can fix the following types of boilers: Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Potteron, Baxi and Ideal.

Boiler Safety - It is important to stay safe - gas safe. There are many things that you can do to make sure your boiler is safe. If you find a fault with your gas boiler do not attempt to fix it yourself. 2017 should be a time for safety awareness.


  • Condensing Boiler Efficiency

    Boiler Breakdown Engineers

    It is said that old boilers that are in good working condition should not be replaced with condensing boiler. Do you agree with that? When it comes to safety vs efficiency, what are the main factors to consider. Condensing boilers are said to achieve high efficiency; over 90% in fact. Old boilers may struggle in the condensing process as the steel or cast iron components could be more prone to get damaged.

  • Boiler Reliability In Cold Weather

    Boiler Installations

    Many people swear by the old boilers being able to withstand the colder temperatures better than their condensing counterparts. However studies have shown that their conclusions are not true. Early condensing boilers where said to struggle just because of issues with their heat exchangers. Did they fair well in cold weather. Well, certainly there were many reported call outs. Were they all because of the weather? Only the companies who recorded the call out reasons can answer that.

  • Book A Boiler Service Today

    Boiler Servicing In London

    If you want to check everything is working well, then book a boiler service with Trustworth Plumbing. We believe looking for hidden faults and fixing them is better than just hoping everything goes OK. Our boiler health check service aims to look at ways to improve efficiency and prevent you being in a position where you need a costly repair in the future. Our qualified engineers will expertly do all the checks and give you their professional opinion. We will guarantee it is running with amazing efficiency by replacing any parts that need to be.

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