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Why Use Fully Qualified Plumbers?

Some people are tempted to not use a fully qualified plumber, when they need plumbing work doing. They may have a friend who says they can do ' a bit of plumbing for them. They themselves may think they have the ability to carry out a certain task. It always ends up in tears and in the end they have to get a fully qualified plumber to fix all the mess. You can end up causing extensive damage to your property if things go wrong. Do you really want to risk losing hundreds or even thousands of pounds. While you may think you can fit a new shower because you have watched a YouTube video; do not attempt it. Fully qualified specialists have the knowledge, skill set and experience. You may not have the skill to use certain tools and most importantly your safety is at risk. If you slip or fall with a power tool, you could cause serious injury to yourself. There are certain, distinct safety standards that all types of work have to meet. There are also a long list of checks that have to be made before any work is carried out.

Plumbing Associations

Why stress yourself out trying how to figure out installing a new tap, toilet or bath? What you require is a professional London plumber to do the job for you. You may be under the impression that by getting a mate to do it will save you money. Well there is no guarantee for starters that they will do the job correctly. Also if they make a mess of things they may not be liable to pay for any damage. You will have to foot that bill. What you want is peace of mind and a job well done. Choose Trustworth Plumbing to provide quality work, carried out to industry standards. We really care about our customers an are dedicated to providing the very best expertise. You are also protected by using a qualified plumber because they have to meet certain standards. They have to first be vetted by an industry standard organisation. Companies like APHC and CIPHE are recognised organisations. There is that trust factor where you want to be able to have confidence in the company conducting the work in your home or business. It is recommended that you read reviews of plumbing companies you are interested in using. You can gauge how happy previous customers were with them.

  • Getting It Wrong

    Do You Have An Emergency Plumbing Situation?

    Here is a scenario; that leaky tap of yours has got on your last nerves. You reach for your tool box, get out a spanner and start fiddling away. Then water starts spurting out everywhere, now creating a mini flood. You are not sure of how to stop the water and you are panicking. You desperately try to get towels and buckets, to stem the flow. However nothing seems to work. When you get it wrong in these situations, it creates a big mess. Call Trustworth on 020 8670 4443 or 07951538977, if the worst happens.

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  • Technical Plumbing Skills

    Plumbing For Your Bathroom

    Plumbing techniques are always advancing with the advance of technology. New methods and tools are constantly being innovated. If you choose a plumber from our company, they only use the best tools on the market. They have vast technical knowledge on how to carry out the toughest most complicated tasks. It is not just being able to physically carry out the work. Certain jobs require a great understanding of mathematics including algebra and geometry. Also, even experts need to keep up with the latest developments and that is something Trustworth is very proud to do. It enables us to keep providing that high standard of service all our customers are used to.

  • Fixed Cost Plumbing

    Fixed Cost Plumbing

    Cowboy plumbers never do a good job and more often than enough rip you off financially. Their plumbing costs sometimes spiral out of control as they try to bump up the price with every excuse. What you need is a company with clear price guidelines. Companies that work at a fixed cost enable you to calculate easily how much you are going to spend. That way there are no nasty prices when you receive your bill. We charge £75 per hour for all standard plumbing work in certain areas in London. Where the cost is slightly higher we clearly state the fixed rate per hour. Nothing is hidden.

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