A Gas Safe Engineer has to legally Register With The Gas Safe Register.
A Gas Safe Engineer Can Legally Carry Out Gas Work On Gas Cookers, Boilers, Fires etc
Carbon Monoxide Is Silent And Deadly. Take No Chances.

What Is A Gas Safe Engineer

A gas engineer is known as a gas safe engineer. That is because they are fully qualified to test, repair and fit gas appliances. Most important they are registered with the with the Gas Safe Register. They work hard to make sure that all engineers are operating at the required standard. They have a yellow triangle as their logo which is very recognisable and carries a real trust factor. Gas safe engineers will carry an ID card issued by the the organisation. Before 2009 you may known an organisation called CORGI (which was later replaced by the Gas Safe Register). If you do book an engineer look out for the following on their ID card:

- A photo of the engineer
- A start date & expiry date
- A security hologram
- A yellow triangle

Our gas safe engineers in London will work on the following appliances:

- Gas Heaters
- Gas Boilers
- Gas Heating / Radiators
- Central Heating

They can install and service these appliances. Working with gas is a very dangerous job. Safety is the key when working with gas. There are such a strict of list of safety guidelines that has to be adhered to. Even the smallest mistake could be catastrophic. So a good gas safe engineer will make sure each step is thoroughly checked and double checked. They will never cut corners to get a job finished. Especially with technically challenging repairs of installations; they need full concentration. When it comes to understanding the dynamics and components of all gas appliances, they have to know it inside it. They have to understand the role every part and component plays. Also engineers have to understand the real importance of adequate ventilation and the total prevention of deadly fumes escaping. Carbon Monoxide is a silent killer. So they have to understand how to make sure carbon monoxide detectors are fitted in every house or property they have carried out work in. Also they should offer advice on how to test the detectors and advice on carbon monoxide poisoning. There are various skills engineers need to know including mathematics and electronics. Simple things like knowing how to clean out appliances as well as being able to take them part and put them back together correctly, is vital.

Boiler Repairs Carried Out By Gas Safe Engineers In London.

As a London based plumbing and heating company, we have to visit customers on a daily basis. So customer service is a key part of what we do. Gas safe engineers have to always be able to give excellent customer service. They must have excellent knowledge to be able to answer customers questions and also offer advice where necessary.

Did you know Which.co.uk carried out an investigation into dangerous gas work being carried out in the UK? They focused their investigation on 10 engineers who were carrying out work on boilers. Have a read of the full investigation. What is alarming about their findings, is the fact that within the industry, engineers feel that boiler servicing standards are not up to scratch. So the question is - how long have they felt like this? In addition, is there any truth in this?

  • Gas Safe Register Information

    Gas Safe Register

    The Gas Safe Register represents quality and safety. They have a list of fully qualified engineers who are legally entitled to carry out gas work in the United Kingdom. They can investigate any incidents of gas work that has been carried out badly. It is a legal requirement for gas engineers to register with them. There are roughly 120,000 engineers currently on the register.

  • Gas Safe Engineers & Safety

    Gas Cooker / Hobs Installations

    At Trustworth Plumbing any gas safe engineer in London we send to visit you, will always puts SAFETY FIRST. It is the most important aspect of the work we carry out. It does not matter if we are doing an installation, repair or service - we must always respect the dangers gas presents. We know the recommended industry standard in regards to safety and make sure we meet that, on every job we complete.

  • Do You Smell Gas?

    Boiler Breakdown Engineers

    If you smell gas always make sure that you ring a qualified gas engineer. Never take any chances; it is best to get it checked out by a professional. If it is possible to turn off the gas supply to the meter, then do so. Open all doors and windows. Do not switch on or off, any electrical appliances or lights. We have a special gas leak response service to deal with this type of emergency.

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