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Radiator Replacements

There are many DIY guides on the internet, guiding you through the process of radiator replacements. However you should always hire a fully qualified heating engineers. Trustworth Plumbing is a highly experienced company and offers a range of radiator installations, repairs and replacements. It is an art form and there are many factors to always consider. If you are looking for a replacement, certain logistics come into play. Certain questions need asking. We can answer them.

- How big is the room that you want the radiators installed in?
- Do we need to choose a different manufacturer for the new one?
- How many need replacing?
- Are there any alterations to pipework that need doing?
- Does your central heating system need an expert reconfiguration?

Radiator Replacement Service From £75 Per Hour

Our heating engineers are registered gas safe engineers. We charge from £75 per hour depending on the scale and nature of the job. They can visit you if you live in South-West or South-East London. Areas include:

South-East London - Brockley - West Norwood - Dulwich - Sydenham - Herne Hill - Denmark Hill - Crystal Palace - Abbey Wood - Rotherhithe

South-West London - Norbury - Battersea - Pimlico

We also offer radiator replacement services in select parts of Central London. We are experts; so to guarantee there will be no faults - choose us. If you attempt to do the job yourself, you are most likely to make mistakes. This will ultimately mean that you will be left with a huge repair bill.

Reasons Your Radiator Needs To Be Replaced

There are a number of reasons why you will want your radiator to be replaced. Usually, it is down to poor performance in terms of heating efficiency. So please refer to the following to see if any of these reasons apply to you:-

- Is your radiator not heating up to a temperature you find satisfactory? (it is either too cold or too hot?)
- Is your radiator making strange noises? (This may apply to your boiler as well.)
- Does the heat produced differ in different parts of your house? (Upstairs is either colder or warmer)

We ask all customers to consider the long-term benefits of a radiator replacement. You may have very old radiators and it is more cost-effective to change them. You could be wasting money by increased usage, because you are using more, trying to heat up your property. Sometimes you just want to have a more modern radiator to suit the style of your home (especially if you have changed its appearance to looking more modern). We can handle all types of repairs and installations.

We will need to visit you to give you quote for the work. It is a brilliant opportunity to check the efficiency of your home heating. Also, we may even find problems with your heating that you were unaware of. We can give you the best solutions, providing you with a number of options. Call us on 0208 670 4443 to arrange for one of our heating specialists to visit you and take a look at your radiators.

How Much Does Our Service Cost?

A standard replacement will cost you just £75 per hour. Obviously, the more radiators that need replacing will determine the length of the job. For extensive jobs, we can visit you and provide a quote. Jobs that involve extensive alterations to pipework and substantial work to your central heating system, will take longer.

Do We Fit Thermostatic Radiator Valves?

Yes, our engineers can expertly carry out a number of upgrades. Our aim is to maximise your home heating efficiency. We are very experienced at this and our reviews on the internet speak for themselves. We can expertly fit thermostatic radiator valves.

What If Your Central Heating System Has A Fault?

If we find a fault in your central heating system then we tell you what that fault is. Usually, that fault has to be fixed before any other work can continue. We also offer a comprehensive power flushing service.

Do We Add A Call Out Charge?

There is no call out charge if we are visiting you in South-East or South-West London.



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