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How Much Does A Plumber Cost?

In the UK there are hundreds of plumbing companies to choose from. If you are looking for cheap plumbers in London, then you will want to make sure that they are actually good at their job. Whilst looking for attributes like trust, quality of workmanship and experience - cost is sometimes the defining factor. So when asking the question "how much does a plumber cost?" it raises an interesting talking point. To simplify it, you have to put it into context. That means determining the cost of a specific plumbing job. So as an example you may look at how much it costs for a plumber to:

- Fix a leaky tap (This plumbing job should take no more than a couple of hours. Depending where you are geographically in the UK, it should cost between £70 to £90)
- Repair a burst pipe (It all depends on where the pipes are and what time of day it is. Some companies charge more for repairs after a certain time of the day. Even the most severe burst pipe should not take a really good plumber more than two hours to fix. As this is most likely an emergency plumbing repair, the cost will be slightly higher and be around anything from £75 to £150.)
- Fit a new bath (First the bath has to carefully be removed. Many plumbers offer a service where they can safely dispose or recycle your old bath. Most likely, customers would have purchased the bath they want installed. This can take anything from three and half to six hours. So you are likely to pay anything from £200 to £325.
- Install a new shower (this depends on the true extent of the plumbing involved as well as the type of shower. This is a big job and will cost from around £450 - £650.)
- Fix a broken toilet (This is a service where you don't have to pay for materials used in the job. The cost covers that. This job can be done by a single plumber in roughly two hours. You are looking at a cost of around £70 to £150, depending on the severity to the problem.)
- Unblock a drain (The source of the blockage has to carefully be found. Then once discovered, the work can professionally be done. A single plumber would charge around £75 to £100 for this service.)

Each task will differ from the next but what you have to understand is the difference between a general job and an extensive one. Most plumbers in the London for example will work at a fixed price (fixed rate) per hour. This is for what they call a 'standard plumbing job'. For example our company Trustworth Plumbing charges £75 per hour for all standard jobs; no hidden fees. However here is where it gets interesting. This is for certain areas in London. Other areas carry a slightly higher rate per hour if congestion or parking charges. We consider those factors and price on that basis. That is clearly stated on our website and we confirm the price while speaking to the customer. What you need to make sure of is that any plumber you talk to has transparent prices. So when calculating cost you have to consider the following:

- the type of plumbing job (does it require any extra materials and are they included in the price?)
- the cost per hour (is it standard rate that is the same for each hour?)
- how long the job will take (is it a matter of hours or days?)

So in a nice little equation for you it is job type x cost per her x job length = cost of plumber

You also have to consider, on which day of the week the work the work's carried out on.  Weekends are more expensive than weekdays.

How much does a plumber in your area cost? Well there are various websites but there are calls for more price comparison plumbing websites.

Our plumbing services cover:

South West London - Streatham - Balham - Tooting - Brixton - Norbury - Putney - Southfields - Richmond - Raynes Park - Wimbledon - Roehampton - Earlsfield - Wandsworth Common - Colliers Wood - West Brompton - Parsons Green - Clapham Common - Chelsea
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Central London - Vauxhall is a website which came up with their own research to look at average costings. Take a look.

  • Emergency Plumbing Costs

    Do You Have An Emergency Plumbing Situation?

    When the pipe under your kitchen sink bursts, it will be a time for panic. If it happens in the very early hours of the morning or at night, you will need to call an emergency plumber. Some companies are in operation 24 hours a day. Others provide a special plumbing emergency response service. As they distinguish between normal working hours and 'out of hours' this could mean a slightly higher price they'll charge.

    Emergencies - Click Here

  • Do Your Research

    Plumbing Repairs & Installations

    There are many pricing guide websites that you can take a look at. These are websites that have carried out research to find out average costs for specific plumbing jobs. It is an easy way to find a ball park figure for the cost of a plumber. Also there are various forums on the web that have discussion boards where people will discuss prices. Your local community business website may contain a section where people have discussed what plumber to use, price etc.

  • Fixed Cost Plumbing

    Fixed Cost Plumbing

    Cowboy plumbers never do a good job. Their aim is to bleed you dry financially. Their plumbing costs do not represent prices honest companies will charge. What you need is a company with clear price guidelines. Qualified plumbers with a recognised accreditation tend to have a better code of ethics. That way there are no nasty surprises when you get your bill. We charge £75 per hour for all standard plumbing work in certain areas in London. Where the cost is slightly higher we clearly state the fixed rate per hour. Nothing is hidden.

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