The Hourly Rate Of Our Gas Safe Engineers Is £75.
Are You A Lanlord That Needs A Daily Rate Quote For Gas Work?
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What Is The Hourly Rate Of A Gas Engineer?

You have heard the term gas engineer but the official job title is 'gas safe engineer'. There are some plumbers that are fully qualified to carry out gas work, but that is due to them being trained and fully qualified on the Gas Safe Register. Trustworth plumbing is fully qualified and our registration number is 301783. So the question that many tenants, homeowners, businesses and landlords want to know - What is the hourly rate of a gas engineer? Well, it depends on the business and geographical location (the latter to a certain extent). Gas engineers always rethink how much they should charge, from time to time. So here we will explain the variance in cost not just for hourly rates but also extensive work, where jobs are priced per day.

What is the standard hourly rate for a gas engineers?

When you look online you can see a wide scope in price. It varies from £40 to up to £100 per hour. The difference is sometimes down to geographic location. If you book an engineer in Central London, expect to pay towards the top end of that pricing bracket. how long a job takes, can often have an effect. If you book an engineer for half a day, they may give you a discounted hourly rate. So if you booked 'Company A' for just an hour, they may charge you £70 for gas work. If you booked them for 5 hours, then they may offer you discounted rate of £55 per hour. More established companies may offer a slightly more expensive hourly rate. Trustworth Plumbing charges only £75 per hour for standard gas work.

So we hope we have answered your quetions in regards to:

- How much is the call out charge?
- How much is the hourly rate?

Does it cost more for out of hours / emergencies?

Generally, yes. Anything outside the standard working hours for a gas engineer, their hourly rate is higher. This is because somebody may need an engineer to come out at an unsociable hour. Not just in this business sector, but other professions, emergencies work costs more. The most reliable and reputable companies can justify charging more. This is because certainly with emergencies, you want a company that is going to respond fast. You don't want a gas engineer to say, that they will try and fit you in. In regards to price, emergency and out of hours rates range from £70 - £150. The extra price is usually referred to as a 'call out charge'. Self-employed gas engineers tend to be slightly cheaper than engineers employed by big companies.

What Is the 'Day Rate' of a gas engineer?

For extensive work (e.g. landlords that have several properties to check) - a day rate is suitable. Rather than charge per hour, some gas engineers may charge a flat rate for the day. This can vary in price from £180 to £560, depending who you use. The number of hours the rate represents also varies. So that is where there is a certain pitfall. If a job is 'booked in' for two days and on the second day, only half the hours are worked, then you have paid more money, for less work. So that is where you have to be careful.

  • Our Engineer's Hourly Rate - £75

    Our Hourly Rate

    We have an hourly rate of just £75 for standard gas work. We do offer day rates, but we always provide a fair quote for it. That is because we do not want to overcharge for the work we carry out. That way, our gas engineers are good value for money. Getting a quote is very important, as you can also understand what work is due to be carried out.

  • Price Or Safety - Choose Wisely

    Gas Cooker / Hobs Installations

    It can be very tempting to just simply choose the gas engineer who offers the cheapest price. With any type of gas work, you should never bargain with your own safety. Always go for reputable companies, who have a perfect safety record. At the end of the day, the slightest error could prove disastrous.

  • Emergency / Out Of Hours Rates

    Boiler Breakdown Engineers

    Our emergency call out rate is slightly higher than our standard rate. Also, our out-of-hours rate is priced more than our standard one. What we can promise is to respond quickly to your emergency and are fine carrying out work in the evening/night-time.

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